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by Juan David Barragán Méndez


Meaning: The tipping point in a situation, project, or process, is the point when things past that point will never be the same.

EXAMPLE: Women's soccer at a tipping point in Canada after Olympic odyssey.


Meaning: If a project is shovel-ready, it is ready to begin. The shovels are ready to dig into the ground and get started on the project. The project just needs money to begin

EXAMPLE: A shovel-ready project is about to start in the north of Bogota. Many building have been already demolished. 

  • MASH-UP:

Meaning: A mash-up is something (a piece of music, for example) created by combining two or more existing things. For example, the song ‘Numb/Encore‘ is a mash-up of the songs ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park, and ‘Encore’ by Jay-Z.

EXAMPLE: It can be noticed a mash up of many Britney's song taken some of them from Michael Jackson's songs. 


    CODY BARBO, a friend from San Diego, California, United States gives a talk suggesting how not to be perfect. It is interesting how he tackled the discussion by introducing the word "failure". Many of us have probably asked several times "how to succeed, without failing?, regardless of the difficult circumstances they may face throughout the path. 

     First of all, failure is one of the things we do not talk enough. In his speech Cody provides two main stories which illustrate the importance of highlighting failure before succeeding. The first one took place in 2007, Cody obtained a prestigious job , but he said that one of his his biggest successes was one his biggest failures. One of his friends passed away and another one attempted to suicide. All surrounded him made him feel depressed and this was something that he never experienced before. 

     The best way to overcome failures is talking about the problem and finding great solutions. Later on, Cody provided an example when passing through his depression. He said that a couple of friends invited him to have some drinks, although nobody grabbed a drink. On the contrary, they focused on how to cheer Cody's mood up. 

    In my opinion, people usually stay on the problem, not pushing themselves to go further the situation. In other words, the best strategy to overcome failures is by learning from them and proposing new things. Although it is hard to go on our lives, at the same we as humans are doing nothing to stay quiet and holding the same attitude towards things

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