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Counterparts BY JAMES JOYCE by Juan David Barragán Méndez: HOW HE APPEARS:


From all the following adjectives, there is one which does not match Mr. Alleyne's personality. Which one?


  • GRUMPY Indeciso
  • HISTRIONIC Sorprendido
  • STRICT Enfadado
  • CALM Risa


  • "Do you hear me now?... Ay and another little matter! I might as well be talking to the wall as talking to you."
  • "Understand once for all that you get a half an hour for your lunch and not an hour and a half. How many courses do you want, I'd like to know.... Do you mind me now?"
  • "Eh? Are you going to stand there all day? Upon my word,
    Farrington, you take things easy!"


The phrases above are Mr. Alleyne's words towards Farrington. They might sound normal, although the author makes him sound irritable and untolerant. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Sonrisa