Portafolios Electrónicos - Uniandes

Counterparts BY JAMES JOYCE by Juan David Barragán Méndez: TO TAKE IN MIND


  • LIVELIHOOD: occupation, employment. 

Example: Her aggressive temper compelled her to resign her last job. Now she knows it is gonna be hard to earn her livelihood. 


  • JEOPARDY: danger, trouble, hazard.

Example: After the fall of the king, many peasants knew that their rights were in jeopardy in hands of the queen Mary Monica.


  • "HERE, HE HALTED...": he stopped.

Example: At that point everyone knew that it was too late to halt an epidemic. 


  • "THE SHRILLED VOICE": high-pitched voice.

Example: Emily rejected talking to her professor since she could not stand her shrilled voice shooting her during the discussion.


  • "GOLD-RIMMED GLASSES": bordered or surrounded by gold material.

Example: It is common to find wealthy people wearing gold-rimmed glasses when reading the bible at church.


  • "HAVE SOME EXCUSE FOR SHIRKING WORK": avoid or get out of responsibility.

Example: Robbers focus on how to steal others by shirking the real life of business of working honestly.


  • "I'LL LAY THE MATTER BEFORE...": To present something to someone.

Example: I laid my testament to all my children before passing away. 



Example: Charlie knows how to cheer me up. He spins me around all the way I like a couple of times and then we go to the cinema and grab pop corn with soda.


  • "DROP OFF": To deliver.

Example: Professor Martin stated the first day of class that there is no excuse to drop off any workshop after 5 pm on Wednesdays.